Athens Airport minivan Transfer to Epidaurus


The Epidaurus Theater is a stunningly well-preserved ancient theater constructed in the 4th century BC. It was built by the architect Polykleitos on the side of a mountain and merges perfectly into the surrounding landscape of undulating hills, overlooking the Sanctuary of Asklepius.

For centuries, Epidaurus Theater remained covered by trees, until excavations revealed the ancient monument towards the end of the 19th century. Despite repairs and restorations over the years, particularly to the seats, the stage itself has been retained as it was since ancient times. Today, the theater is a popular venue for the annual Athens Festival productions, which are held here every summer.

In terms of its architecture, structure, and acoustics, Epidaurus is widely regarded as the best ancient theatre in Greece. In fact, its extraordinary acoustics mean that all 14,000 spectators situated in its semi-circular seating arrangement can hear every note played and every word spoken – even from the highest seats up on the 54th tier.

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