Athens Airport minivan Transfer to Corinth

The city of Corinth, which lies atop the Peloponnese, conjoining the Greek mainland and the Peloponnesian peninsula, was once a jewel of antiquity, and today remains one of Greece’s most significant locations, boosting over 6,000 years worth of history.
Although the city today is largely known as an industrial and administrative hub built in the early 20th-century, for the history buff, Corinth is the birthplace of many Greek myths and lore, and with many of its archeological sites and ruins, you are immediately one step closer to the ancients.
Just 4.3 miles away from the modern city are the ruins of ancient Corinth and Acrocorinth, where you can see elements of numerous eras, including the impressive medieval acropolis overlooking the ancient city.
Modern Corinth doesn’t shy to impress either, with the 3.9 miles long Corinth Canal, considered one of Greece’s most important engineering feats ever. Cutting through the narrow Isthmus of Corinth and saving journeymen a 40 mile ride around the Peloponnesus, this narrow canal will more than impress.

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