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Escape from the hustle and bustle of Athens to the unique Meteora Rocks

Indulge in the peace and tranquility the Greek countryside offers. Set out on a 1-day trip in the Beotian plains.

Daily Tour to Meteora

We drive past the historical city of Thebes and the picturesque town of Leivadia.  Continuing our journey through the mountainous roads, we reach Arachova. This picturesque village, perched on the slope of Mt. Parnasos, is a famous winter resort but attracts visitors all year round.

Leaving Arachova after a short drive, we are at the “Heart of the Earth,” the Delphi Oracle, the ancient Greeks’ cultural and religious center.

Discover Meteora with Us

Going past the Castalia Spring, we come to the focal attraction, The Oracle. The Temple of Apollo is the sacred place where world leaders would come to consult the priestess Pythia and listen to her prophecies. Other attractions include the Stadium for the Pythian Games and buildings, and monuments dedicated to Apollo, the Treasuries, the Athenian Stoa, the Sibyl Rock, the Theatre, the Tholos, the Gymnasium, and the Hippodrome. The Archeological Museum of Delphi houses a rich collection of sculptures and statues of ancestry.

We stop at a local tavern for a traditional Greek lunch and continue our journey to Kalampaka. The town is on the foot of Meteora Rocks. Here, we spend the night, you can explore the town, shop, dine, and admire the impressive Meteora Rocks in the distance.

On the second day, after a hearty breakfast, we checked out and set off to Meteora. It is a geological wonder, the huge, steep rocky mountain scraping the sky. On its cliff tops, monasteries were miraculously built. It’s beyond our imagination how they carried the materials to construct the imposing buildings and churches.

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Byzantine monks were the first founders, and they wished to be as “close to God” as possible. The monks who resided there pulled up their supplies in nets and baskets.

Meteora reached their peak when monks came from different places to lead an ascetic life. Some monasteries were destroyed by raids throughout history.  Today, only six remain active. On the top of a rock at a height of 380 meters, we visit the first monastery of Varlaam, founded in the 16th century. Our second visit will be at the 15th century Monastery of St. Stephan built on the top of the top of another gigantic rock. At the museum inside the monastery, visitors can admire treasures from the Byzantine era.

Leaving the monasteries, we head south back to Athens. We stop at the Thermopiles monument, a famous landmark of the Persian war against the 300 Spartans of Leonidas.

Then, it’s time for another short stop at Kamena Vourla, a seaside resort. You can enjoy some coffee with Greek pastries or “ouzo meze”.

The journey’s last stop is back to your hotel, or someplace else you may prefer.  There is nothing more relaxing and comfortable than touring sites of your choice, at your time and convenience, with your own company. Contact us to plan your customized itinerary for an unforgettable vacation in Greece.

Tour Highlights

  • Taxi 4 passengers
  • Minivan for maximum 8 passengers
  • Duration 12 hours
  • 4 hours distance
  • Thermopiles visit
  • Meteora: visit monasteries
  • Food in traditional restaurant
  • Return to Athens

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