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Discover the legends and myths of Ancient Greece

Delphi is a significant archaeological site and a UNESCO World Heritage landmark. It was a sacred sanctuary to Apollo and his oracle.

Visiting Delphi, the “Heart of the Earth”

While staying in Athens, it’s worth going on a day trip to Delphi and the surrounding areas.

The journey starts early in the morning because it is a long drive north, with some stopovers along the way. The tour starts from your hotel or from the place you have chosen.

The first stop is Thebes, the largest city of Boeotia. If time is no issue, you can visit the archaeological museum and scattered ancient remains.

The next place worth visiting is Livadia.  It is a small picturesque town, a perfect place to stop for refreshments. Livadeia is not a tourist spot, but a river runs through the city, and you can walk under the shady trees on cobbled paths, admire the waterfalls and watermills, or enjoy good food under the shade of the plane trees.

Continuing on your way to Mt. Parnassos and the site of Delphi, you can make a short detour passing the village Distomo, the road leads you to the impressive Monastery of Ossios Loukas, still functioning today. Osios Loukas is surrounded by spectacular natural beauty. You can visit the two magnificent Byzantine churches to admire the frescoes and mosaics.

Finally, we continue a few more kilometers through the windy roads of Mt. Parnassos to reach our destination, the ancient site of Delphi.

What to see in the archaeological site of Delphi

Visiting Delphi today, there is lots to see, although much of the sanctuary is in ruins. Making your way along the Sacred Way, you can see monuments built as offerings to Apollo, the Castalia Spring.  The Temple of Apollo, the Apollonion is the focal attraction, where the Oracle of Delphi delivered her prophecies.

The Oracle of Delphi, a title given to the priestess of the sanctuary, Pythia, whose prophecies were mostly ambiguous, and could be interpreted in different ways.

Other attractions include the Stadium for the Pythian Games buildings and structures such as the Treasuries, the Athenian Stoa, the Sibyl Rock, the Theatre, the Tholos, the Gymnasium, and the Hippodrome.

Explore Delphi with Us!

In the Archeological Museum of Delphi, there is a rich exhibition of sculptures and statues, such as the omphalos (navel) sculpture, the Charioteer, the Sphinx of Naxians, and the chryselephantine statue of Apollo, made of gold and ivory.

Leaving the Oracle of Delphi, we’ll take a scenic drive through the stunning Greek countryside to the new town of Delphi, overlooking the coastline of Fokis.  You will have time to stretch, and stroll through the town, and enjoy traditional cuisine at a local tavern.

On your way back, a visit to Arachova is worthwhile. It is a picturesque village and a popular winter resort. It is an ideal place to relax in a breathtaking mountainous setting. Here, you can taste and buy some of its local delicacies, homemade desserts like ‘koukotakia’ and ‘tiganites’, ‘formaella’ cheese, sold only in this town, and the best Arachovian wine. Here, you can find beautiful, traditional art crafts and woven articles to bring back home as souvenirs. 

Athens is a year-round travel destination. During your stay in the city, you can take advantage of many day trips available, offering a variety of choices.  But to make it easier for you, let us plan your private personal tour according to your time and interests, and enjoy a safe and comfortable journey in a luxury car and. Contact us today, and together, we can plan your personalized itinerary.

Tour Highlights

  • Taxi 4 passengers
  • Minivan for maximum 8 passengers
  • Duration 9-10 hours
  • 2,5 hours distance
  • Non stop
  • Archeological site of Delphi
  • Museum
  • Return to Athens

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